Exciting news out of SRAM today… While they aren’t the first to release an 11-speed road group they are the first to the table with integrated hydraulic braking options for both disc and caliper equipped road bikes. Prototype Shimano Di2 has been spotted with similar features and Formula makes custom hydro-levers for Di2 and EPS but SRAM HydroR is the first to market with full groupsets.


SRAM 22 and HydroR sticks with SRAM’s solid mechanical shifting (no electronic or hydraulic shifting yet…) and is designed to provide full usability in all 22 gear combinations. Both SRAM Red and Force have been updated to 11 cogs and both now have the Yaw front-derailleur. All cassettes offer 11-17 in single increments with the gaps widening after to the maximum. SRAM 22 is available in hydro and cable braking options in Red and cable only for Force.  They are also releasing HydroR shifters and brakes for their “classic” 2×10 groups


Early group and brake impressions are favorable and prices and weights are in-line with their 2×10 groups (which will remain available). I can’t wait to get my hands on the 2×10 lever/brake combo and look into 11-speed in the future.