Bicycle culture is growing in Dallas every day. New shops are opening up, bike lanes and sharrows are popping up and I keep seeing new local riders. It still has a way to go though.

Many projects are in the works from local organizations and teams but the city is still missing a place for people to learn about bikes. Particularly a community bike shop or co-op. Denton has a co-op but it has very limited hours and a limited reach.

On top of DORBA, my team/racing/riding and work I have 2 projects going right now (2 web applications) but I think it’s time to add a third. I’d like to work on getting a community bike shop in place in the Dallas area. Somewhere that riders of all types can come and borrow tools or learn new skills. A place where they can stop mid-ride and rest or grab some water. To start I plan on setting up a “mobile shop” around White Rock Lake when the weather is warmer and we will see where it goes from there.

I’d also like this to be a place where local charities such as Spokes for Folks could use when repairing bikes so we can continue to put 100s of bikes into the hands of people who need them every year.

If anyone wants to help let me know or if they know of anyone whos interested in supporting a venture like this. If there’s already someone working on this please let me know so I can get involved.