Every blogger likes to talk about themselves, their accomplishments and what happened in the last year. Thing is… I’m not a blogger. However I owe it to myself, the members of the cycling community who support my racing and of course the very supportive companies who help me out. So I am going to talk about myself for one post. This might be the start of a trend but for now, 2014!

2014 is what I consider to be transition year one in a two year improvement cycle. In 2012 and 2013 I dropped a bunch of weight, started cycling, met a bunch of people and then improved my skills and speed. The goal of this year was to increase my racing categories in both MTB and Cyclocross. I went into the year with realistic expectations but did everything I could to meet my goals. I still have plenty of weight loss left to go in transition year 2 but I started working with Shawn Hodges of getwatts.com who has taken my goals and made them attainable with some hard training.

In less than 10 races (9 to be exact) total I’ve gone from Cat 3 to Cat 1 on the Mountain Bike. Some may say this is too soon or I don’t have enough experience but my thoughts on racing are to race the biggest race I can and improve with consistent effort and concentrated training. I have time to settle into the Cat 1 field and try to move my way up.

In 20 CX races I’ve made it to Cat 3, thanks in part to some racing on the national calendar. Because I did a grand total of 2 races back in 2013 when there wasn’t Cat 5 in CX I started as a Cat 4 in my efforts this year but with only 24 CX races under my belt I know my chase of a start position in the P/1/2 Elite fields is going to be difficult but it’s my main motivator in 2015.

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If you want to know more about 2014 check out my gallery and commentary above.

I’ll end this post with some thanks! Many thanks to Cadence Cyclery who continues to support me along with many exciting things in the community of Dallas cycling. Many thanks to my riding partners, friends and fellow racers who are always helpful and fun. I hope to have some exciting content and announcements about 2015 soon.