2015 is moving along quickly and it’s only February! My second endurance event saw me finish 8th out of 42 in the 6hr Open Male category. I finished among some of the best endurance racers in the state!

The DORBA Frozen Series is where I got my racing “start” 3 years ago and failed to finish my first two attempts at the “easier” 4hr event. They are casual and laid back events to fundraise for DORBA but the competition is always fierce as racers look to tune up their form. This is my return to these races after my failures, but I’m much better prepared this time around!

I started my day with my Skratch Labs “Blood”, a mixture of pure Beet juice and Skratch Hyper Hydration, and some eggs and toast. I got to the trail and helped my Cadence Cyclery teammates setup our pit area. A pre-ride Skratch Cookie and we were off on a Le Mans start. The start had us all lay our bike in a field then we all had to run to them, get on and perform a start loop.

And down...

And down…

The course was fast and fun. A 6+ mile loop that went through the flowy parts of the Northshore East Side and some fun and challenging rock gardens and climbs on the West Side. Once on the trail the traffic was pretty thick but I settled in with a fast 4hr racer from Texas Tech and a few others before things cleared out on Lap 2. Lap 2 and 3 were my fastest laps of the day and then I settled into a slightly slowing pace for the rest of the race.

Damon from Cadence Cyclery provided me with bottle service and support lap after lap which really made things easy, never having to stop for more than 30 seconds. This helped me get 11 laps without having to turn blistering paces near the end of the race.

My Skratch Cookies and Feed Zone Portables worked well to keep me going. But at the end of the day some work still needs to be done for my nutrition plan. At my next race I plan on upping  my calorie intake during the race and upping my recovery stretching to help prevent soreness.

Next up: RCP  – DORBA Frozen Series 6hr MTB race